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Loving Earth Chocolate Double Hazey 45g

  • Tasting Notes: Buttery, Hazelnut, Toasted
  • A real hazelnut hit. Chunks of double roasted hazelnuts in this classic Hazelnut chocolate.
    Classic yet bold, this bar has crunchy house roasted hazelnuts in silky Hazelnut chocolate. With 40% hazelnuts, it’s a chocolate made in hazelnut heaven.
  • Dairy free
  • Organic
  • Soy and gluten free
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Double Hazey
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Golden roasted hazelnuts embedded in creamy hazelnut mylk chocolate. Simple yet decadent, this is a chocolate bar for lovers of that classic choc hazelnut combo. Like all Loving Earth chocolate, this one is made from organic, fair-trade cacao (minimum 35%) sourced from the pristine Amazon region. The perfect sized block you won’t feel obligated to share, this mini chocolate bar will fit neatly in your pocket for safe keeping. And once you’re done licking your lips, you can re-recycle the 97% post consumer recycled box, and try your hand at composting the plant-based ‘plastic’ wrapper your chocolate came in.

Hazelnut, cacao (cacao butter, raw cacao nibs), evaporate coconut nectar, almond, cashew.

Grab this bar for some satisfying, plant-based energy. Perfect after work, during a movie or anytime you get the craving. It's where indulgence meets real food. CONTAINS TREE NUTS. NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH TREE NUT ALLERGIES.

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