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MagicPatch Organic Itch Relief Patches x 27 Pack

  • Created with you and children in mind
  • Instantly stop the itching
  • Convenient and long lasting up to 7 days
  • Chemical Free
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  • This Itch Relief Patches contain no chemicals. They work kinesthetically!
  • They will start working in 30-60 seconds to relieve the itch, and can last for up to 7 days (and are completely waterproof)
  • The Natural Patch Co's Itch Relief patches mechanically lift the skin (no chemicals) to drain the lymphatic system which has been injected by the mosquito's saliva that causes the itch.


Simply peel off an itch relief patch and stick over the itchy area where bitten. The bites does not need to line up with the hole in the grid. Works only if the area has not been scratched. You should notice the itch relief with in 30-60 seconds. Single use only. To remove patches, apply a small amount of olive oil using a makeup remover pad and rub gently to peel off.


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