Melrose Peak Hydration 6g

  • Improves hydration
  • Reduces susceptibility to muscle cramps
  • Helps maintain correct blood pH level
  • Regulates movement of nutrients into cells
  • Assists with regulation of nerves, muscles, heart, and brain function
  • Rehydrate during illness
  • Recover after exercise
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Blackberry Lemonade
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Replenishing essential minerals, vitamins and next level flavour to take your water from bland, to fell good hydration!


With a delightful natural taste and zero artificial sweeteners, Peak Hydration offers a refreshing and nutritious way to keep your body in balance, making it the ideal choice for athletes, active individuals and anyone seeking a healthier, tastier alternative to conventional sports drinks

Blackberry Lemonade:

Coconut water powder, salt, natural flavour (blackberry, lemonade) (sulphites), magnesium citrate, silicon dioxide, potassium, salt. beetroot powder, citric acid, aquamin F, Natural sweetener (thaumatin)



Coconut water powder, salt, magnesium citrate, silicon dioxide, potassium salt. natural orange flavour (sulphites), turmeric powder, citric acid, aquamin F, Natural sweetener (thaumatin)


Empty sachet into 300ml of cold drinking water and stir well. Alternatively empty sachet into water bottle and shake. 

Do not mix with cordial, fruit juice or sports drinks

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