Allan Suttons My Colloidal Silver 500ml


My Colloidal Silver is an ionic formulation. Manufactured from 99.99% fine silver, suspended in purified water. My Colloidal Silver is a reliable and effective natural liquid used to

  • Help support the body's natural immunity
  • Effective natural antibacterial
  • Can be used for winters ills and chills and dry rough throats
  • Used topically on cuts and burns
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Allan Sutton's My Colloidal Silver is a powerful, non-toxic, natural food supplement of ultra-fine particles of silver suspended in pure water that has been shown to support the immune system. Colloidal Silver has been proven successful for stomach upsets, skin problems, issues relating to the nose and throat, air travel, winter ills and chills, dry throats, urinary tract health, dental health, sinuses, burns and sunburn, pet health and immune support.

Colloidal Silver is non-toxic to plants, mammals, reptiles, and all living things that are not single celled. To date there have been no recorded negative silver/drug interaction and it appears equally unknown to react negatively with herbal remedies.

  • Filtered Pure New Zealand Water
  • Silver ions above 30ppm mg/1


Manufactured from 99.9% fine silver suspended in purified water. *Alkalinity above 8.5 PH* Free from chemicals, additives and preservatives.

GENERAL MAINTENANCE: Internally: Adults 5-50ml daily Children under twelve 
5-10ml daily

For immune support during acute immune threats Internally: Adults 25-50ml hourly Children under twelve 10-15ml hourly 

Externally: Spray directly on the wound, infection, minor burn, sunburn or insect bite. Dressing can be applied when saturated in colloidal silver. It can be sprayed in ears, eyes, throat and nose, as often as needed. 


STOMACH UPSETS: Add 200ml to a large glass of water and drink as quickly as possible. Follow this by another large glass of water. 

STOMACH UPSETS WHEN ON HOLIDAYS: While we are on holidays we have the opportunity to change our regular lifestyle (eg: more fresh fruit, different foods and spices, and an increased amount of alcohol). This and exposure to unfamiliar bacteria can cause stomach discomfort and tummy upsets. To counteract this we would suggest regular use of Colloidal Silver while on holidays at around 20ml daily. If in doubt as to the freshness of the food you have just eaten, simply drink 20- 40ml after eating. 

SKIN PROBLEMS: Spray frequently for minor problems such as rashes, acne, abrasions, minor burns, sunburn, insect bites. Provides soothing relief to haemorrhoids or burning bottom due to hot spicy food. Can be used with dressing for open wounds. 

EARS, NOSE AND THROAT: You can effectively deal with all these areas by spraying or using drops regularly. We suggest frequently applying, so using as often as possible for faster results. Spray or dropper into the nose, gargling in the throat and apply by spraying or using drops for the ears particularly after swimming or showering or suffering with winter ills and chills. It appears to work best when all these areas are treated together. 

AIR TRAVEL: Plane flights can be made miserable by blocked ears and sinuses. Use spray as often as you like before flights and during flights to soothe these areas. 

WINTER ILLS AND CHILLS, DRY THROATS: At the first sign of winter immune threats take frequently to support the body’s defences. Use spray and drops for nose and throat, also take up to 50ml every hour, swirl in mouth or gargle and swallow. It is suggested not to drink or eat 10 minutes after taking Colloidal Silver to allow full absorption, and then follow by drinking plenty of water. 

URINARY TRACT HEALTH: Spray on external areas for support. Take initially 200ml followed by 1 glass water. Then 25ml every hours. Continue to take for at least a couple of days. Follow use with a good quality probiotic. 

DENTAL HEALTH: Used as a mouth wash this product is very effective in preventing dental decay and improving oral hygiene. Swirl 5- 10ml in mouth after teeth have been brushed and rinsed. Then swallow. Do not rinse after using Colloidal Silver. 

SINUSES: Use drops or spray as often as liked. Can be effective for snoring when used before sleeping. 

BURNS AND SUNBURN: Spray as soon as possible following burn and apply frequently.

PETS: Use for cats and dogs to boost their immune system, reduce skin inflammation and body odours. Suggested dose 5-30ml daily. Can spray in animal eyes, ears, and onto cuts and sores as often as needed. Can be used on animals big and small including horses, cows and sheep.

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