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About Us

Have you ever wondered about the history of business in your community?

We are proud of our history and people love to hear it , this is what can happen :) ....

NEW CUSTOMER: Walks in and takes some time to look around – “Just Looking” they say…

ONE OF US: Hellloooo! Welcome… Is this the first time you have been into our store?

CUSTOMER: Well, yes – we didn’t know you were here!

ONE OF US: Whhhhaaaaat! Really???? WELLLLL!

And then the story continues:

This has been the community health food store since 1974!

Yes, really… we have been here for nearly 50 years!

Back in the early days it was very cool with whole foods in sacks and homeopathic remedies at the forefront of treatment.

The store has only had 3 owners in its history!

Peter Balogh, or Pete, as he is affectionately known to our regular customers, was a youthful and enthusiastic practising Naturopath in the Clinic, of the then named, “Healthy Glow Health Shop”

He LOVED it here!

Even as a youngster he was constantly researching natural remedies, growing herbs, inspired by all sorts of alternative ideas to the mainstream. Meditation, Horseradish Farming, all the cool stuff many others were not really into at the time. He was a free thinker, and one day the opportunity came about for him to purchase “Healthy Glow Health Shop”.

What would any natural, free thinking, Naturopath do???

Buy that Gem!

And so, in the millennium year 2000, yep … 20 plus years ago - Pete became the new owner of “Healthy Glow” [aka Go Vita Tanunda]

The journey has not been without it’s trials, but Pete is never one to dwell on those things – he is an upwards and onwards kind of guy ….. Which is why people love to be around him.

One day, someone said to him that the store needed a “womans touch”

CUE LEE: In she came, with a wave of her magic wand and gave the place a little girly tidy up. Ever since then it’s been Laurel and Hardy – Abbott & Costello – Grace & Frankie – against the world.

Hahaha – not really against the world! These guys have a simple mission to help people get off the merry-go-round of no control and transition to a place where they understand what is happening to their body, live their best life and heal OR give guidance to those already on the natural health path to continue their journey and age well.

The key mission is “LET’S AGE WELL”

Sounds simple, right?

We all know that it can be downright difficult, don’t misunderstand us to be thinking that the journey to our best self is an easy one – sometimes it’s just good to have someone in your corner cheering you on.

One day Pete and Lee decided they couldn’t do it all on their own ….. so, with balance in mind, they built a team of professionals who are respectful, authentic, and knowledgeable.

Their expertise is sought after by our customers who know on which days their favourite staff member works. These guys are empathetically in tune with their customers. The whole Go Vita Tanunda team absolutely believes and gives their best in service to promoting the benefits of natural health and longevity.

And NOW…. Drumroll………….

Go Vita Tanunda has evolved into the online space!

And, we're pretty excited about it!

Who knows where the story will go from here!

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