Fusion Menopause
Containing herbs traditionally used to relieve menopausal symptoms Hot flushes Disturbed sleep Irritability Mood swings Mild rheumatic aches and pains Supports women’s reproductive hormone health 
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ONE ELEVEN Bliss Latte Rose Salted Caramel - Rose Salted Caramel
Bliss may assist with… Easing Stress & Tension Mental Calm & Clarity Supporting Resilience Deeper Meditations Sleep Support Pacifying & strengthening the nervous system Supporting general health & vitality Promoting glowing skin Rose salted caramel flavoured
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NutriVital Zinc Complete
NutriVital Zinc Complete is an antioxidant Supports bone, hair, skin and nail health. Supports mental function in healthy adults. Zinc maintains nerve conduction and supports healthy reproductive hormones. Zinc and vitamin A maintain healthy eye function. Zinc and vitamins A...
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Fusion Womens Balance
Fusion Health Women’s Balance features herbs which are traditionally used to Balance a healthy menstrual cycle and relieve menstrual pain Relieve symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT) Regulate a healthy menstrual cycle and ease period pain Relieve premenstrual irritability  Alleviate irregular...
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Pacific Harvest Wakame Flakes
High in iodine  Source of calcium and magnesium High in Omega-3 (EPA) Rich in iron and protein Plant-based folate and B12 Hormone balancing Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol
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Natures Help Her Balance Hormone Balance 300g
 Enhances female hormone regulation  Supports brain and thyroid function  Supports liver detoxification  Promotes healthy digestion  Eases symptoms of mild anxiety  Promotes restful sleep
Herbs of Gold Evening Primrose Oil Daily 200 Caps
Cold pressed Evening Primrose OIl Rich source of GLA Supports skin health and hydration Relieves inflammation Supports general health and wellbeing
TAKe Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 80g
Reduction of tiredness and fatigue Energy production and metabolism Energy release from food Connective tissue structure and function Regulation of hormonal activity Normal immune system function Blood sugar balance Enhanced libido Healthy inflammation levels Collagen formation
ONE ELEVEN Bliss Original - Original
Bliss may assist with… Easing Stress & Tension Mental Calm & Clarity Supporting Resilience Deeper Meditations Sleep Support Pacifying & strengthening the nervous system Supporting general health & vitality Promoting glowing skin
$59.95 from $39.95
Natures Help Meno Calm Stress & Anxiety
Reduces symptoms of mild anxiety  Supports healthy emotions and mood  Relieves symptoms of nervous stomach  Reduces restless sleep  Supports healthy hormonal balance  Calms the mind
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ANNAS Wild Yam Cream [Her]
Traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to relieve menstrual pain and spasms and help reduce occurrence of menopausal symptoms.
Australian Bush Flower Essences Woman Essence
Negative Condition Mood swings Weary Physical dislike Positive Outcome Female life cycle balance Restores emotional balance Coping with change Physical acceptance Appreciation of own beauty
Melrose Evening Primrose Oil 200ml
Helps reduce the symptoms of premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS) Supports healthy hormonal balance in females Maintains skin firmness and structural integrity Rich in omega-6 gamma-linoleic acid (GLA)
Fusion Vitex 1000mg
In Western herbal medicine, vitex is: Traditionally used to relieve symptoms of premenstrual tension, including breast tenderness Traditionally used to relieve period pain Traditionally used to support the health of the menstrual cycle and relieve irregular periods Traditionally used to...
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Fusion Iron Advanced
Fusion Iron Advanced contains iron glycinate, a more readily absorbed form of iron. Gentle on the digestive system Includes vitamin C to aid the absorption of dietary iron Helps prevent dietary iron deficiency Supports energy levels Aids healthy red blood...
NutriVital Selenium 150 60 Capsules
Selenium is a potent antioxidant that helps protect cells and tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals. General cardiovascular health Poor immune health Thyroid support Oxidative damage Potent antioxidant support May help reduce asthma symptom General eye health Gut...
Herbs of Gold Hormone Metabolism 60 Tablets
Support oestrogen metabolism Healthy metabolism of oestrogen Healthy liver function With Broccoli sprouts Hormone Metabolism is a comprehensive herbal and nutritional formula, including Broccoli sprouts and St Mary’s thistle Supports liver detoxification and maintain healthy liver function.
Fusion Menopause Heat Relief
Fusion Menopause Heat Relief contains herbs traditionally used to relieve menopause symptoms: Hot flushes Night sweats Vaginal dryness
from $50.95
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