Green Nutritionals 100% Aust Org Wheatgrass 200g

  • A good source of vitamin E
  • An anti-oxidant
  • High in calcium for healthy bones and teeth
  • Rich in magnesium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus for a healthy heart, muscles, nervous system and blood vessels.
  • Contains Iron which is essential to combat fatigue and infection.
  • Wheatgrass leaf powder has a greater percentage of protein than eggs.
  • Rich in chlorophyll known for its ability to aid digestion and has a deodorising effect on the body.
  • Alkaliser
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The rich green goodness of young wheatgrass leaf has long been recognised for its unique nutritional benefits. Extensive research over the past 50 years has confirmed the value of cereal leaf as a complete food, available in a natural synergistic form that makes it an ideal dietary supplement for health and energy.

The 100% Australian Organic WHEATGRASS is made entirely from leaf harvested when the wheat plant is still at its grass-like growth stage, prior to stem elongation and subsequent seed head formation. At this stage the plants nutritional value reaches a peak for important dietary components such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and carotenes.

A strict harvesting schedule, fast, hygienic handling of the crop, a specially developed low temperature drying process and innovative milling technology ensures that the Australian Organic WHEATGRASS retains the goodness and quality of the young fresh leaf.

Australian Organic WHEATGRASS contains whole, young wheatgrass leaf. It is not juiced and it has no additives. Juicing eliminates the natural plant fibre and requires chemical additives to prevent deterioration and facilitate the drying process.

100% Certified Organic Australian Wheatgrass Young Leaf Powder

One Serve = 3g

Adult: 1 serve daily blended into your favorite juice or smoothie

Children: 1/2 - 1 level teaspoon with food added to juice or a smoothie

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