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INIKA Brow Brush

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A double-sided tool for creating perfect brows. INIKA Organic Brow Brush features an angled brush for precise powder application and shape definition, plus spoolie to brush out harsh lines. The brush features Vegan bristles and a biodegradable PLA handle. An essential for your makeup kit.
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Achieve perfectly filled, defined, and groomed arches with this duo sided tool. INIKA Organic Brow Brush features an angled brush for precise makeup application and definition, plus a spoolie on the other end to blend out harsh lines and groom brows into place.  

Its all-Vegan design is made from recyclable and completely compostable materials. It features bristles crafted from high quality synthetic fibres and a lightweight handle made with plant-derived PLA from Corn and Cassava. The PLA is sustainable and fully biodegradable.  

INIKA Organic Brow Brush allows for detailed shaping and shading, helping you create professional-looking brow looks. The two-in-one tool is an essential addition to your makeup kit.

Coat brush head with product. Lightly brush pigment through eyebrows and shape as desired. Use the spoolie end to brush hairs into place.  

Tip - Use brow wax to set your brows in place. Gentle roll spoolie through wax, and brush brows upwards to set.

Made from high quality vegan fibre bristles. Handle is made from a biodegradable PLA material, made from a microbial fermentation process with Raw Corn and Cassava.

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