Life Cykel Lions Mane Double Extract 120ml

  • Rich in bioactive compounds like erinacines and hericerins.
  • Enhanced with Australian native Kakadu Plum, rich in natural vitamin C
  • Alcohol-based extracts engineered in Australia and USA.
  • Utilizes both mushroom fruiting bodies and mycelium for full spectrum effect.
  • Supports brain health, potentially enhancing cognitive functions such as memory, focus, and concentration
  • Lion's Mane may have positive effects on mood and mental clarity, contributing to a sense of well-being
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Experience the power of Lion's Mane with our premium quality double liquid extract, infused with Kakadu Plum for peak performance and wellbeing. Biohack your life and reach your full potential with Lion's Mane mushroom extract 


What does this extract do?

Lion's Mane is "The Flow State Mushroom". An essential when you need to be immersed in an activity where concentration or creativity is key.

Filtered Water, Alcohol (20-24% v/v), Mushroom Flavour: Lion’s Mane (Hericium coralloïdes) Mycelia & Fruit Body, Kakadu Plum Natural Flavour.

Add 2ml of double liquid extract directly to your coffee, smoothie, tea or water.
Feel free to mix and match! Just use 2ml each of your chosen extracts in one drink.


Serving Size: 2 ml - 1/2 a dropper full is approximately 1ml, you can use this as a guide for the recommended serving size.

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