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Pacific Harvest Kombu Strips

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  • High in iodine
  • Thyroid health
  • Aids weight loss
  • Contains essential minerals, vitamins, trace elements and natural glutamic salts
  • Improves digestion
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Kombu seaweed is has a unique, umami flavour. It is made by air drying kelp seaweed and laying it flat to dry. The Strips are the stem and leaves the fronds of the kelp plant.


  Kelp (Ecklonia radiata) dried seaweed 100%.

Country of origin: New Zealand.

Kombu offers a vegan or vegetarian source of umami* flavour and is a very popular ingredient in Japanese cooking.  

Infuse stocks and soups, or add umami flavour to your sauces.  Infuse drinks for unique flavour.  Use any left over water for your house plants or a home facial.

Soak a Kombu strip or leaf in tepid water and gradually warm the water (don’t boil it), allowing the nutrients and flavour to seep into the water.  Then use this flavourful, nutrient enriched infused water as the base of your stock or broth. Make up a broth or stock and freeze for future use.

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