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Locako Electrolytes + Collagen Strawberry Pomegranate
Locako's premium blend of key electrolytes and collagen work in synergy to hydrate and replenish minerals lost during ketosis, and supports your hair, nails and skin health. High in Magnesium & Zinc and enriched with Vitamin C, vital for collagen...
Locako Apple Keto Powder 90g - Apple
Fat Burning, Mental Clarity, Ketosis Support, Metabolism  Tasty and Tangy apple flavoured drink mix
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Locako Keto Electrolytes - Lemonade
Locako Keto Electrolytes - Lemonade
Locako’s premium replenishing and hydrating blend of key electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, perfect to restore minerals lost during ketosis, Fruity and Tangy, Dissolves Easy, Hydrating, Replenishing, 2 Calories Per Serve
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