Natures Help Her Balance Hormone Balance 300g
 Enhances female hormone regulation  Supports brain and thyroid function  Supports liver detoxification  Promotes healthy digestion  Eases symptoms of mild anxiety  Promotes restful sleep
Natures Help Flatter Me Detox & Debloat 300g
 Relieves abdominal bloating  Reduces digestive discomfort  Promotes bowel regularity  Detoxifies the digestive tract  Increase natural gut flora  Soothes an upset stomach
Natures Help Meno Renew Sleep and Restlessness
 Induces sleep  Reduces restlessness  Relieves nervous tension  Decreases nervous exhaustion  Reduces mental fatigue  Reduces the time to fall asleep
Natures Help Meno Rejuv Anti Ageing
 Maintains an optimal metabolism  Supports longevity & strengthens Qi  Supports liver, kidney & heart health  Supports healthy digestive function  Reduces free radical damage to body cells  Helps metabolism of NAD+ & Vitamin B3
Natures Help Meno Mind Cognitive Health
 Enhances cognitive function  Improves memory  Relieves nervous exhaustion  Reduces mental fatigue  Decreases symptoms of mild anxiety  Enhances liver health
Natures Help Meno Cool Hot Flushes
 Relieves symptoms of hot flushes  Eases symptoms of mood swings  Maintains healthy adrenal gland function  Reduces vaginal dryness  Maintains healthy hormonal balance  Decreases symptoms of mild anxiety
Natures Help Meno Calm Stress & Anxiety
Reduces symptoms of mild anxiety  Supports healthy emotions and mood  Relieves symptoms of nervous stomach  Reduces restless sleep  Supports healthy hormonal balance  Calms the mind
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