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Remedy Garden Calendula Balm 50ml - Calendula
Gentle and rich in natural compounds and antioxidants that help heal red or irritated skin and create a breathable barrier
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Remedy Garden Nourishing Face Serum 30ml
Rich in natural compounds and antioxidants that help heal, calm, smooth and hydrate skin
$48.00 $42.00
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Remedy Garden Arthritis Balm 50ml - Arthritis
Ease pain and iflammation with this powerful healing combination of plants and oils chosen to help with painful joint conditions
$21.00 $17.00
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Remedy Garden First Aid Balm 50ml - First Aid
Gentle but powerful plants chosen for their astringent, antiseptic and healing properties
$21.00 $17.00
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Remedy Garden Bug Bite Balm 50ml - Bug Bite
Stop the itch with this soothing balm. Gentle but effective plants chosen for their iching relief, and antiseptic and healing properties
$21.00 $17.00
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