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TAKe Lions Mane Mushroom Powder 80g
Cognitive function Nervous system Immunity and gut health Energy production Mental performance Oxidative stress Symptoms of anxiety Anti-inflammatory function Collagen formation
TAKe Reshi Mushroom Powder 80g
Functioning of the nervous system Normal immune system function Normal neurological and cardiac function Anti inflammatory function Protection from free radical damage Energy production Carbohydrate metabolism Protection of stress from oxidative stress Normal red blood cell formation Collagen formation Stress...
TAKe Mushroom Blend 80g
Contains: CHAGA, REISHI, LIONS MANE, CORDYCEPS Normal immune system function Protection from free radical damage Collagen formation Energy production and metabolism Normal neurological and cardiac function Normal functioning of the nervous system Protection from oxidative stress Reduction of tiredness and fatigue...
TAKe Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 80g
Reduction of tiredness and fatigue Energy production and metabolism Energy release from food Connective tissue structure and function Regulation of hormonal activity Normal immune system function Blood sugar balance Enhanced libido Healthy inflammation levels Collagen formation
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