Thursday Plantation Lavender Oil
Calms the mind Supports healthy sleeping patterns Supports healthy stress response in the body Relieves symptoms of stress, nervous tension, mild anxiety and excess nervous energy. Relieves sleeplessness and induce sleep.   
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Thursday Plantation Lemon Oil 25ml
Improve Mental Alertness Support Healthy Mood Balance Cleans & Freshens Removes odours on floors, kitchen and hard surfaces.      
Thursday Plantation Walkabout Insect Repellant Roll On
Contains naturally derived ingredients Ideal for outdoor activities and camping Provides protection against biting insects and flies Made in Australia Free from SLS, SLES, synthetic parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, synthetic preservatives and animal derived ingredients
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Thursday Plantation Breathe Easy Roll On
Unblock and help clear nasal passage Helps relieve/decrease cough Convenient & ready to use Contains pure Eucalyptus Oil Product not tested on animals
Thursday Plantation Antiseptic Tea Tree Oil Roll On
Antiseptic for minor cuts and abrasions Relieve symptoms of insect bites and stings Convenient and ready to use Vegan Not tested on animals Contains no petroleum, mineral oils, silicon, phthalates, artificial colors or fragrances, synthetic parabens, synthetic preservatives, SLS or...
Thursday Plantation Exfoliating Scrub for Acne
A great choice for those who are prone to experiencing acne or breakouts and prefer a natural way to address this concern. Triple exfoliating benefits from ground tea tree leaves, apricot shell powder and papain extract Contains 100% pure Australian...
Thursday Plantation Acne Cleansing Bar
Helps prevent acne and pimples on the body Is suitable to use both on face and body. Contains 100% pure Australian antibacterial Tea Tree Oil 99% naturally derived and Vegan friendly formula Not tested on animals
Thursday Plantation Lavender Calming Sleep Support Roll On
Calm the mind Support healthy sleeping patterns Support the body’s healthy stress response Ready-to-use formula & convenient roll-on applicator
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick
Dermatologically Tested Helps to dry out blemishes and breakouts Convenient no-touch sponge tip applicator Made in Australia Clear gel for invisible care Contains natural ingredients to help clear your skin
Thursday Plantation Face Wipes for Acne
  Gently removes make up, bacteria and impurities from the skin without irritation. Controls acne by cleansing the skin Reduces the occurrence of acne Reduces redness and calm the skin Absorbs excess sebum Biodegradable Contains 100% pure Australian Tea Tree...
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Spray
Made with Australian Tea Tree Oil, the spray kills 99.9% of germs and is ideal for use: • As an antiseptic to relieve symptoms of minor skin wounds, such as cuts, scratches and abrasions.• To relieve symptoms of insect bites...
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Thursday Plantation Clove Oil 13ml
Native to Indonesia and cultivated worldwide, Clove oil is widely used in dental practice, perfumery, cosmetics and as a food flavouring agent 100% natural. Free from SLS, parabens, synthetics and fillers, guaranteeing unaltered, pure oils  
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Soap
Made with 99% naturally derived ingredients Ideal for removing the build up of oil and dirt Contains 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, an antibacterial ingredient. Free from polysorbates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, propylene glycol, SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives,...
Thursday Plantation Antiseptic Spray with Aloe Vera
Ideal for: Minor cuts, Scratches & Abrasions Contains 100% pure Australian-grown Tea Tree Oil Convenient and mess-free size for handbags and first aid kits Made in Australia Free from synthetic parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, synthetic preservatives,...
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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Shampoo Original
Contains 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil to purify scalp. Suitable for all hair types, except chemically treated or coloured hair For best results, use in conjunction with Tea Tree Everyday Conditioner Made in Australia Free from SLS, synthetic parabens,...
Thursday Plantation Acne Face Wash
Contains naturally derived ingredients Ideal for combination/oily skin. Contains 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial ingredient. Made with calming Chamomile to help soothe skin redness. pH balanced to minimise stress to the skin Benzoyl peroxide-free for fewer...
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deoderant - Original
 Aluminium free Suitable for everyday use Contains 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, an antibacterial ingredient Made in Australia Free from synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, synthetic colours and synthetic preservatives.
from $5.95
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Conditioner Original
Suitable for all hair types Made in Australia Softens and detangles hair The conditioning cream lubricates the movement of the comb through the hair making the combing task much easier and less painful.
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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Body Wash
• Contains naturally derived ingredients• Contains 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial agent• Made in Australia• Suitable for dry skin• Free from synthetic parabens, polysorbates, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, synthetic preservatives and...
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream
Thursday Plantation’s Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream for minor cuts & abrasions relieves skin irritations and symptoms of insect bites & stings.
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Toothpaste
Fluoride free and sugar free. Helps foster healthy teeth and gums Assists in controlling dental plaque and tartar Cleans teeth and freshens mouth
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil
Natural antiseptic and acne treatment The antibacterial active in Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil, terpinen-4-ol, is greater than International and Australian minimum standards. Tea Tree Oil has recognised antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties making it a versatile solution for many...
from $8.95
Thursday Plantation Medicated Gel for Acne
An invisible treatment to help reduce the occurrence of pimples, blackheads and the symptoms of acne. Penetrates deep into the skin, helping to dry out pimples and acne Clear gel for an invisible treatment Free from Benzoyl peroxide
Thursday Plantation Lavender Spray
 Traditionally used in aromatherapy to relieve sleeplessness, nervous tension and symptoms of mild anxiety.• Kills 99.9% of germs• Cleans and freshens around the house

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