Carusos Wee Less

  • Relieve the annoying and inconvenient feeling of needing to go to the bathroom constantly
  • Support bladder health and healthy bladder function
  • Reduce the urinary incontinence associated with a medically diagnosed overactive bladder
  • Decrease the urinary urgency associated with a medically diagnosed overactive bladder
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Do you often go to the bathroom again “just to be safe”? Do you always make sure you know where the nearest bathroom is “just in case? You’re not alone. Many women feel that they need to go the bathroom more often than they'd like. Some women suffer from Overactive Bladder (OAB), a medically diagnosed group of urinary symptoms which can include the feeling that you need to go to the bathroom really urgently, as well as difficulty holding on until you get there.


Whatever the reason for your need to wee all the time... worrying about the location of the nearest bathroom can be stressful and inconvenient.

Crateva magna (Crateva) stem bark dry extract150mg   From dry stem bark1500mg (1.5g)Cucurbita peposeed (Pumpkin seed) seed dry extract 437.50mg   From dry seed8750 mg (8.75g) Glycine max (Soybean) pressed seed cake dry extract62.50mg   From minimum dry pressed seed cake10000mg (10g)   Std to isoflavones (calc.  genestin/ein, glycitin/ein)25mgUrtica dioica (Nettle leaf) leaf dry extract25mg   From dry leaf 250mgMagnesium amino acid chelate250mg   Equiv. Magnesium50mg

Adults: Take two tablets per day with meals

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